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And so, she departed from Vogue to birth Stalk , a one-stop shop for personalized readings and astrological food for thought. Yet ultimately for Bell, her work serves as the path to self-acceptance.

It helps you to know yourself and accept yourself. I feel like astrology has made me care less about what other people think of me, and more just about what I feel comfortable in. It has helped me to be more confident. If you stay together it is because you each have an equally strong need for space, and you, Pisces, have developed a healthy self-esteem from your own accomplishments.

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Aquarius can add to your life by explaining the mysteries of nature, science, and technology, but they may never be able to comprehend your soul. Continue Reading.

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    Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Associated with this trend is favor related to immigration goals. This new moon will give you the perfect time to start the process of acquiring your green card, visa, or new citizenship in another country. The first ten days of October would be your optimal moment to begin for the best luck.

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    If you work in the media, specifically in publishing, broadcasting, or the Internet, you could now see an interesting assignment come in that involves research you will enjoy doing because it will bring you into a new realm, and you will find this work refreshing. Printed on archival quality paper.

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    Your Horoscope by Susan Miller Travel is written all over your horoscope, so if you can find a way to take a trip—long or short distance—it would do you a world of good. View Previous Month.

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